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Professional Service

 We aim to take all the stress out of having your carpets and rugs cleaned, returning your business or home to normal with minimum inconvenience and less time than other carpet cleaning methods. We move furniture and accessories where possible and carefully detail those hard to reach areas.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

We are experts at dry-cleaning your carpets. Problem stains and pet marks are no match for the HOST cleaning system. Your carpets will be beautifully clean AND dry right away, which is not possible with any other cleaning method. No need to wait for the carpet to dry in order to entertain your guests!

Exceptional Quality

We use the latest green technology micro-splitting cleaning agents. They do not contain bleaches or brightening agents, nor do they leave sticky residues which can contribute to rapid resoiling. Host products are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and bio-degradable, making them safe for children and pets. 

"I've used HOST Cleaner with great sucess and it's good for all types of carpet. Plus I love that it's environmentally friendly."

~Martha Stewart~

Hunter's Dry Carpet Cleaning for South Orange County

When it comes to dry carpet cleaning in Orange County, people often get puzzled. When its time to dry clean your carpet, you need to be very careful about what methods you are choosing. Getting confused is nothing unusual. In Orange County, it has become quite the trend to use the word "dry" in front of their company name. But beware and get the facts!  When we say DRY carpet cleaning, we mean your carpets are dry and ready to entertain immediately.

With Orange County's high demand for quality service, carpet cleaning could be a tedious job. If you think you don't have much time in hand, you better avoid doing it yourself because carpet cleaning requires attention to detail. If you don't clean it properly, it will be spoiled. So counting on a professional will be a wise option especially if it has been long since you have cleaned the carpet.

Professional dry carpet cleaning is required at least once in a year because you can not deep clean your carpet at home. Vacuum cleaning the carpet on a regular basis is not enough because it can not remove dirt and odor completely. Counting on a professional carpet cleaning company will save your carpet from oil and dust accumulation ensuring that the fiber lasts long.

Finding a professional carpet cleaning company in Orange County is never really a problem as there are many local companies available in a day's notice. The problem is, many carpet cleaning companies in Orange County are often notorious for misleading customers, offering them low prices to get in the door and then bating and switching, and other predatory practices/scams. There are also many companies that claim they use all natural green products that are safe for your family, but please do some research, many are not as Earth-friendly as they seem, and those that use the Green labels are most often the biggest scams, by "greenwashing" their customers into thinking they are truly safe.

A lot of people call us asking why they receive other coupons that claim to clean a whole house for $95.  Well, that should raise a red flag, honestly speaking. That tactic is known as "getting your foot in the door."  Once they arrive, they start charging outrageous fees for stains and room sizes. So be very cautious. Hunter's Dry Carpet Cleaning for Orange County is timely, dependable and professional, leaving your day worry and hassle-free. Hunter's Dry Carpet Cleaning uses top quality products form HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning Company, as reviewed and awarded by the most renowned third-party organizations. In fact, no other carpet cleaning company has the variety of independent certifications and research that 
HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner has.

However before you choose a professional, there is one more thing to consider. As far as Orange County professional dry carpet cleaning is concerned, you have two options -- steam cleaning and dry cleaning. The obvious choice is dry cleaning; it has gained such huge popularity in the last few years due to several advantages.

The main reason why people prefer dry cleaning is that it requires far less water than required in steam cleaning. Steam cleaning companies also use a chemical reaction to remove dirt and oil from the carpet, and other dry carpet cleaning companies rely on chemicals to "clean" the carpet. Another major advantage to using Hunter's Dry Carpet Cleaning is that your carpets are dry right away, which is not possible in any other cleaning method. Dry carpet means no opportunity for mold growth, which can be a major threat for the environment and as well as you and your family's health.

Before you hand over your carpet to a professional, please do your research and ask tough questions regarding the company's cleaning method. Then call Hunter's Dry Carpet Cleaning to provide you the service and results you will only find from the best dry carpet cleaning in Orange County!  

Hunter's Dry Carpet Cleaning uses the HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning system, which is much easier – and less messy – than using shampoo or steam carpet cleaning methods.

No Wet Carpet - Because HOST is a low-moisture cleaner, there’s no waiting for wet carpet to dry. With HOST, you can walk on your carpet during and immediately after cleaning!

Carpet Stays Cleaner Longer - Unlike wet cleaning methods, HOST doesn’t leave any sticky, soapy residue behind to attract dirt and cause resoiling – and spots won’t wick-back.

Removes Allergens - Cleaning your carpet regularly with HOST will help reduce dust mites by 78%, dust mite allergens by 75%, cat allergens by 85% and mold spores by 85%, according to the EPA.

Safe for the Environment -The HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning System is EPP approved, USDA certified, Wool Safe Certified and Green Seal bio-preferred. There are no harmful chemicals are used during the carpet cleaning process.

Tough Stain Removal - Apart from all the health benefits, we specialize in spot cleaning and tough stains, and our technicians are trained to tackle the difficult challenges with an arsenal of spot cleaning techniques for stained carpets.

Our techs are supplied with shoe covers, so we don't track in anything from the outside. We use portable machines that are cleaned after every use, so there are no hoses or truck attachments that enter your home and risk re-soiling of your freshly cleaned carpet! We Care About Your Home! Read more on the special care we provide for your carpet.

Our HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning System is Green Seal and USDA Certified, and EPP (Environmentally Preferable Purchasing) approved meaning it is safe for you, your family and our environment. You can be comforted in knowing your carpets are cleaned utlitizing a healthy, dry, organic cleaning system.

Allergy sufferers wouldn't consider any other method than our HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning System. Unlike many other cleaning methods that leave carpets wet with waste-water and provide a breeding environment for molds, mildew, fungus, bacteria, and odors, HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning removes dander, mold spores and mite allergens while cleaning.

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