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About Us

Specializing in providing dry carpet cleaning services in South Orange County to customers who insist on professional quality products and services, Hunter 's Dry Carpet Cleaning cares about your carpets' appearance as much as you do.

Our goal as a company is to provide you with the most thorough carpet cleaning you've ever had, while using safe non-toxic products and leaving your carpets clean, restored, freshly  and dry  - IMMEDIATELY!

Hunter's Dry Carpet Cleaning specializes in VLM (Very Low Moisture) carpet and rug cleaning. We use the HOST®  Dry Carpet Cleaning System that cleans both residential and commercial carpet more thoroughly and safely than hot water or steam methods. And, since HOST® is a dry  carpet cleaning system using sponges made from a natural organic fiber, you can walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning – meaning zero downtime.

Founder and President Michael Hunter makes no exception on how he expects his customers to be treated. We understand you have many choices when it comes to Orange County carpet cleaning, but one thing you can't compare is exceptional customer service. From the moment you pick up the phone to call us and speak with a carpet professional, to our follow-up phone call 10 days after your service has been completed, we make every effort to ensure that you will not only use us again in the future, but that you rave about us to all your friends, neighbors, and families.


"After looking around for some way to expand on our successful window cleaning business, my wife and I decided to look into carpet cleaning to see if there was a better way to clean than the typical 'wet extraction' method which uses a lot of water and leaves a lot of water in your carpet, often taking literally days to dry out.

We wanted to have a greener approach but not a "greenwash" method. After much research into all the methods claiming to be green, we realized that they are not. Other methods use a lot of water in a drought stricken environment, then dump that nasty water into the ocean, which is where my whole family and as well as many other local families surf and play. It was obvious this is not good for the environment and more specifically my family.

Therefore we started looking for a "dry method" of carpet cleaning. What we discovered is that carpet cleaners "dry wash" just like they "greenwash". the truth is, they are quite often neither green nor dry.

Then we discovered the "Host Dry Carpet Cleaning System". We knew that we were on to something different from everything and everyone else.

I decided to travel to Wisconsin and go to the Host Carpet Cleaning School. HOST has been around since 1978 and they have been making carpet cleaning equipment and supplies since the 1930's. It only made sense that they must have learned a thing or two about cleaning carpet! What I found was that their claim to be "GREEN, CLEAN AND DRY" was everything they said it would be. At that point my wife and I knew this was something we could do and be proud of.

We could walk the talk we had been preaching to our children about taking care of the environment, sustainability, buying and using organic and to just take care of the Earth. We have found that the HOST Method has by far more verifiable green credentials than any other system. It is a truly dry method  and most importantly it works! It is the ONLY carpet cleaning system approved by the EPA to improve IAQ (indoor air quality). No other carpet cleaner can claim this. It is also USDA certified which means it is a organic product that is sourced in the USA.

All products are manufactured in Racine Wisconsin USA .
It is Green Seal certified.
It is safe on wool carpet.

Please check out our Green credentials for yourself and compare us to other  carpet cleaners. We believe that you will see there is no comparison."

~Michael Hunter

Owner & President of Hunter's Carpet Cleaning in Orange County​

Why HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning System?

Deep cleans and restores uglied-out carpet.

Spots won't come back - no wickback.

Use carpet right away---no down time!

Safe for all carpets.

Low moisture method minimizes residue to prevent rapid resoiling.

Recommended by leading carpet manufacturers and fiber producers.

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