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Why DRY?

Over the years, we have had many customers who have called us immediately following a "steam cleaning" nightmare. Such complaints included:

                        a soaking wet carpet  

                              moldy, unpleasant odors

                                     inconvenient wait times to reuse carpets

                                           spots re-appearing

With the Host Dry Carpet Cleaning, customers enjoy

their fresh and healthy carpets IMMEDIATELY!

We offer dry carpet cleaning because it is superior in several ways. It leaves carpet cleaner, more sanitary and colorful. Our dry methods do not damage carpet and preserve stain-guard and other stain-resistant properties.

Here is a chart for comparing Dry Cleaning vs. Hot Water Extraction Methods


​Hot Water Extraction Cleaning (or "Steam")

Uses more solution and leaves more chemicals in your carpet


24 Hour fans and ventilation

Extracted Cleaning solution goes into our storm sewer system - and into rivers and streams

​Can push soil and stains deeper so they return over time (blooming)

“Deep cleaning” means solution is forced beyond fibers into carpet backing resulting in stretching & pad or glue, loosening bond resulting in raised carpet. Remaining moisture can host microbes and bacteria

Hot water can cause carpet to stretch

Hot water removes stain guard

Hot water solutions leave sticky residue, which absorbs dirt and stains. Carpets re-soil more rapidly.

​About $200 – $400 per home but you may need to replace carpet sooner

Also Known As

Cleaning Solution

Extraction Method


Environmental Impact

Soil & Spot Removal

After Effects

Carpet Life

Stain Resistance


The Bottom Line - Price


Hunter's Dry Carpet Cleaning - HOST

Uses less solution and leaves less chemicals in your carpet

Vacuuming HOST Sponge material

Drying time: 0 - 2 hours

Our natural and green cleaning solutions are non-toxic. Less cleaning solution means less solution goes down the drain.​

Keeps soil and stains near surface to be vacuumed up with HOST Sponges

No remaining moisture. So no place for bacteria and microbes to grow

Carpet retains shape longer

Leaves stain resistance intact.

​No moisture or sticky residue, so carpet resists soil and stains longer.

​About $.50+ per sq. ft., and carpets will last much longer than cleaning them using any other method.

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