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The HOST System

Too often carpet is allowed to soil heavily for a long time. Spots and spills are impossible to remove, the carpet becomes dingy and the appearance level gradually diminishes.

Because it is costly to restore carpet to an acceptable level, cleaning is mandatory on a frequent basis, preferably in the form of a planned maintenance program.

Hunter's Dry Carpet Cleaning, aware of the disappointments caused by insufficiently cleaned carpets recommends a maintenance program known as the HOST DRY EXTRACTION CARPET CLEANING SYSTEM. It is simple and it WORKS.

The most important concept in planned carpet maintenance is very elementary- it is the removal of soil by vacuuming.

Carpet soil divides basically into two categories:

  • Water soluble soil such as sugars, food, etc. Soil that water and detergents will dissolve.
  • Solvent soluble soil such as pollution, smog airborne cooking oils, etc. Soil that dry-cleaning solvents and detergent will dissolve.    

Eventually the oily content in these soils binds them to the carpet fibers so that vacuuming will not remove them. Chemical and mechanical actions are required to break the oil bond and pull the soil away from the fibers. Then the loosened soil must be removed or it will be dissolved and dispersed further down into the pile where it becomes a source of re-soiling. This is what occurs with most wet-cleaning methods.

For effective carpet maintenance, a system that not only dissolves but also removes soil is necessary. Most wet-cleaning systems find it easy to dissolve soil but once dissolved, the soil goes to the base of the carpet fibers, here it is difficult then to remove.

Host DRY CLEANING is formulated to dissolve all types of soil and then to extract the soil once is has been dissolved. It is a modern day invention based on 40 years of research. There are important reasons why it works.

HOST is a soft, organic, natural product consisting of millions of absorbent "sponges." These are saturated with a unique emulsion of water, water softeners, detergents, deodorants, and safe to use solvents.

The millions of tiny sponges do a double- duty job. First, they carry the cleaning chemicals to the fibers. HOST controls the amount of moisture. It does not soak carpet fibers.

The design of the HOST machine, brushes the moist cleaning sponges up, down, over and around all carpet fibers. The cleaning agents come into contact with all surfaces of the soiled fibers, breaking the oil bond and dissolving the soil.

As the brushing continues, the sponges wipe the loosened and dissolved soil away from the fibers. The action is similar to a moist sponge used to wipe up spills in a kitchen.

The sponges hold the dissolved soil until they are removed by vacuuming.

Carpet fibers are raised and fluffed by the brushing action of the HOST machine, the texture is revived. The few sponges that remain help to keep new soil loose and they are later removed in vacuuming. Carpets do not re-soil as quickly as when cleaned with wet methods because there is no sticky residue to grab and hold fresh soil.

With the HOST method, continual vacuuming afterward keep carpet clean longer.

So remember, the key to clean carpet is planned maintenance.

        "What is Hunter's Dry Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Program​

                                 and Why Do I Need It?"

We are so glad you asked! Find out how you can save money, time,

and the life of your carpet with Hunter's Dry Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Program!

Dry Carpet Cleaning Process

Dirty Carpet Is First Vacuumed



Into Carpet With HOST Machine


And Absorb Soils

HOST SPONGES Are Then Vacuumed To Extract Soils

Carpets Are Clean, Dry, Smelling Fresh And Looking NEW! 

To Learn More About HOST

Dry Carpet Cleaning System, visit:

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